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Grinding Tester Machine (GTM)

The Grinding Tester Machine can test and data log the grinding capability of a coated abrasive sample. Sample can be a strip of abrasive or an endless belt.


  • Coated abrasive sample loadable as strip, width: 20 mm, length: 680 mm
  • Variable speed drive up to 35 m/s on rotating wheel of 112 mm diameter
  • Optionally the machine can be equipped to load on endless belt
  • Low friction sliding support, able to take a sample of material to be ground
  • The sample is kept in rotation on its axes at constant speed, 36 rpm
  • The metal (other materials also possible) bar on grounding process can have a maximum length of 300 mm and a standard diameter of 10 mm. Other sizes are also possible
  • A load cell controls the force at which the sample is pushed against the coated abrasive
  • The pushing force can vary from 30 to 150 N
  • A temperature sensor measures the sample bar temperature during running time
  • The amount of material removed (linear mm) during ground operation is kept recorded and/or could be controlled
  • Test settings include the capability to push the metal bar against the abrasive at constant force for a certain amount of time, or up to a preset linear consumption
  • Tests ends with a screen shot showing testing results: applied force, linear material consumption, time, temperature of the sample
  • The machine electrical and electronic components are Siemens, all of the parameters are set through touch panel, which also shows test results
  • The PLC features Ethernet connection and parameters from testing result can be read and saved from remote server

Size and Power

  • Overall machine dimensions: 1.1 x 1.3 x 2.9 m
  • Approx. weight: 550 kg
  • Installed power: 9 kW
  • Air consumption: 180 Nl/min